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2024 Winter Conference in Nashville Tennessee

A group of people seated, facing forward, possibly in a conference room or seminar with papers on the tables.
Two men speaking at a conference with an audience in the foreground.
A group of people on a tour inside a brewery, observing equipment behind glass walls.
Three men on a stage; one standing at a podium, two others having a conversation. Curtain background, conference or event setting.
A person presenting at a podium in a room with chairs and a projector screen.
A group of people dining in a busy restaurant with a bookshelf in the background.
Three men on a stage, one holding a microphone, in a conference room setting, with an audience in the foreground.
A group of people sitting at tables in a conference room, facing a presentation screen.
A group of individuals seated in a conference room, facing a presentation screen, with papers and beverages on the table.
A presenter and audience in a conference room with a projected presentation.
A sculpture of a pig with a bowl of plants on its back, inside a room with artwork on the wall.
An indoor space with people standing by a counter, wooden tables in the foreground, and exposed ceiling ducts.
A person is giving a presentation at a lectern to an audience in a conference room setting.
A wall-mounted advertisement for Nelson's Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey with row of liquor dispensers above it.
A group of people observing artwork in a gallery exhibition.
People on a film set with cameras and lighting equipment.
A conference room with people seated, a speaker presenting, and a projected screen visible.
A man presenting at a podium with a laptop, in front of a curtained backdrop.
People standing in line inside a building, possibly waiting for service or food.
May contain: people, person, indoors, restaurant, cafeteria, adult, male, man, audience, crowd, lecture, room, seminar, chair, and furniture