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About Us

The Groundwater Management District Association (GMDA) is composed of local groundwater management districts in several Western, Midwestern, and Southern states. At our Annual (winter) meeting we have presentations from noted experts in the fields of hydrogeology, geology, flow meters and different management strategies. This provides us with a forum to exchange ideas on the different approaches taken by other States.

For example, the primary issue in Kansas, Colorado, and Texas is groundwater quantity, while in Nebraska it is groundwater quality and quantity. In Mississippi and Florida, Districts are responsible for the joint management of surface and ground water and subsidence is the major issue in Louisiana and parts of Texas. Some of the Districts have developed unique projects in education and management to preserve our groundwater resources for future generations.

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Your membership in GMDA will enable you to participate in a national legislative process that has a growing priority in Congress. In addition, you will help to develop and influence groundwater programs and take part in the exchange of ideas that has been a cornerstone of the Groundwater Management Districts Association for many years.

GMDA Constitution 01-12-2012.pdf