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NWRA Weekly Updates

GMDA is proud to be a member of NWRA. Each week we will post the weekly report that the GMDA Federal Issues Committee receives. If you want further information please reach out to one of the members of the GMDA Federal Issues Committee and/or go to


NWRA 2023 Annual Conference & Leadership Forum will be held November 8-10, 2023 in San Antonio, Texas.

For more information about the conference, CLICK HERE

Latest from Mark Rude, Federal Issues Committee 9/18/23

As you know there is no shortage of issues or topics for NWRA to focus on, so this year they have requested that we list your priorities under one of the following categories to facilitate the discussion and help NWRA better prioritize advocacy efforts.

  • Lead (NWRA takes a lead role in developing, managing, and executing the advocacy strategy for the issue)
  • Collaborate (NWRA will work with other likeminded organizations to carry out an agreed upon advocacy strategy
  • Monitor (There is no active advocacy strategy, but NWRA will monitor and flag situations that could call for action)

They also request we identify any issues that may be emerging issue that likely will not require action in the coming year but is an issue the caucus members see as an issue that will impact the Western (and southern states in our case) water community in the future.

The GMDA Federal Affairs Committee will plan to meet in September to develop a recommendation to President Danial Shannon and the full GMDA board with the hope the Board consider a special meeting for the purpose of establishing the Caucus submittal by the October 23 deadline. For your reference, I’ve attached all the 2023 NWRA Priorities that were agreed to for this year along with the document that contains all the priorities submitted for the 2022 Leadership Forum.